“Paul Holland isn't just any train conductor---he's my conductor!

Therefore, I'm qualified to judge him utterly insane and the

perfect candidate to write this book. Paul is blessed with the 

innate ability to see humor in all situations, especially in his 

daily travails dealing with the general public. I am confident

that commuters, railroaders, train buffs and the slightly demented

among us will enjoy reading about his wacky life on the rails.”
Nicolas Borelli, Author of the de’Conti Series of Novels​​


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Paperback &  e-Book

Paul Holland has spent nearly

forty years as a train conductor

on three U.S. railroads. That's

a lot of miles and a ton of stories.

Come aboard to share in the unexpected hilarity involved in
​public transportation.

His personal experiences ranging from train accidents to risqué hijinks are sure to entertain commuters, train enthusiasts, rail employees and anyone who appreciates ​the value of laughter. 


Early reviews are terrific!

"I'm gonna kill him"!

 Lisa Holland

 Author's beleaguered wife


"Paul is the finest rear end I've
  ever crashed into"!

  Doug "Crash" Mullen

​  Conductor extraordinaire