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This compilation of dozens of incredible true stories gathered over a 39 year railroad career, spotlights the unexpected hilarity involved in working in public transportation. Personal experiences run the gamut from sexual escapades to train accidents and even hijackings, almost all of which culminate with laughter. 

Chapters include: Light at the End of the Tunnel, Not Quite the Mile High Club, Hijacked!, I Could Have Slept with Sandra Bullock, My Homosexual Years (sort of ;), How I Met Your Mother, Mr. Poopy Pants, Do Not Hump, I Was Lost But Now I'm Found, and many more.

Commuters, train enthusiasts, railroad employees and in fact anyone who enjoys a good laugh, will relate to and enjoy the antics in this railroader's light-hearted memoir.

My Life As A Rear End
Memoirs of a Train Conductor